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Impact Factoring is partner for SME companies in emerging markets. We finance your products or services before your client pays. You have immediate working capital available and liquidity. Impact factoring is also offering creditmanagement or credit insurance separately.

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With factoring we pre-finance products or services even before your client pays. You have fast cash and enough liquidity and working capitalsaving cost.
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Much communication is on-line via our Cash Board. This gives you 24h overview of your credit line,accounts receivable portfolio, open invoices and credit insurance limits.
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Impact Factoring is active in the fashion industry, temporary employment, ICT companies and in the transport industry. We offer financial liquidity to grow.
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Clients rate our services high, with regard to factoring, creditmanagement or credit insurance.
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We are an independent factoring company for emerging markets.Twinning with European SME factoring partners.

Credit Insurance
With credit insurance you cover the risk of your client's non payment, for instance incase of bankruptcy.
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Credit Management
Impact Factoring can facilitate your credit management. After the dispatch of your invoice we take care of your client payment.
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